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A new way to enjoy the vermouth, a taste that will surprise you, classic and modern at the same time. The Fabulous Experience will not leave you indifferent. next white, red, in the morning, at night, mid afternoon, alone or accompanied.
With "La Fabulosa" you will always make the right decision.
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The best ingredient of La Fabulosa is friendship. Enjoy our vermouth where and how you want, always in the best company. add to cart

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Vermouth Kit consisting of a bottle of olives “La Sabrosita” and a bottle of Vermouth “La Fabulosa” de 100ml.



Sabela’s life, La Fabulosa, could have been the typical cinematic story with a happy ending, but in reality it has a great deal of bitterness.

The origins of the woman we know today as La Fabulosa, owner of the secret of the best vermouth, are located in a small warehouse of wines and liquors run by her father in a port town in southern Galicia. There, between barrels and barrels, it developed the palate and the smell; With time was able to select the best broths in the area and differentiate the qualities of the distillates.

But of all the drinks that the family store distributed, his favorite was vermouth. The one they worked on was made by artisans, of Catalan origin, soft and very aromatic, and it was much appreciated among the customers of the family store.

For her, vermouth was a challenge. He presumed to know the nuances and aromas of all the drinks that passed through his hands, but the vermouth resisted him. I recognized all odors, but I needed to name them.
That is why the visit regularly made by the merchant of the Catalan winery was especially exciting for her. Over time, a great friendship had grown between them.

Albert, that was the name of the Catalan trader, had noticed La Fabulosa’s uneasiness, and entered the game.
With each visit, he slipped a new data, a new fragrance, the name of a new botanist. Then she worked on detecting the exact formula, the measures, the chords, the precise notes.

The friendship between the two became deeper. Each meeting was a new advance in Sabela’s search for the perfect recipe and also a new step in the infatuation of the two young people.

Sabela’s father soon discovered the relationship; Something that truncated the plans that had for its daughter, that happened to marry it with the stem of one of the most affluent families of the town. His immediate reaction was to ban Albert’s entry into the wine store.

Despite the reaction of Sabela’s father, the business relationship with the Catalan manufacturer of vermouth was maintained and around the young lovers managed to maintain their relationship. Among the hidden barrels of the shipments, they kept a secret correspondence, and between messages of love and sorrow for distance, continued to play the game of vermouth components.

The weeks passed, months … serious events occurred the country … facts that affected the couple. The shipments from Catalonia were affected by the combats of the Civil War and the vermouth stopped arriving at the warehouse.

In October of the 36 finally arrived merchandise. Discreet, but eagerly, Sabela set about rummaging to find the message of her beloved. There it was! To his surprise, the note contained the complete recipe, components, proportions …

The joy of solving the mystery was the harbinger of the saddest news.